C.O.O.L. Leaders & Partners

Board of Directors


Cindy Mandrell, President

Cindy's Occupation: YWAM Missionary; Executive Director of C.O.O.L.

Why Cindy loves C.O.O.L: "I love seeing the Body of Christ working, loving, and giving together; being the hands and feet of Jesus, expecting nothing in return.  I love seeing the churches, businesses, and government joining together to give back to their own community.  I love the awestruck response of those who are recipients on C.O.O.L. Day - their eyes are opened to see that God's love is not too good to be true."


Clark Hoopes, Treasurer 

Clark's Occupation: Computer Technician - Stark County Probate Court

Why Clark loves C.O.O.L.: "One of my life passions is summarized by the phrase, 'Change the World.'  C.O.O.L. does this in many ways.  It not only changes neighborhoods and the homes in those neighborhoods, but it changes people.  It changes the homeowners, the C.O.O.L. Day workers, the churches involved, and ultimately, the whole community." 


Jerry Seger, Secretary

Jerry's Occupation: Instructional Aide for Multi-disabled Students - Plain Local Schools

Why Jerry loves C.O.O.L.: "I love C.O.O.L. for many reasons.  First and foremost is because of the prayer foundation from which it is built.  I have personally prayed with the leadership team and have never experienced the commitment to and depth of prayer with any other organization like I have with the C.O.O.L. leaders."


Sarah Reed

Sarah's Occupation: Associate Attorney - Layman Law Group, LLC

Why Sarah loves C.O.O.L.: "I love C.O.O.L. because it is a tangible manifestation of the Body of Christ working together for His glory!  Churches, businesses, and governments come together in unity, and the results are beautiful.  I also love that Jesus Christ is at the center of every single decision this organization has ever made.  The Lord is the heart of this ministry and the #1 reason for its success."



C.O.O.L. Staff


Cindy Mandrell's Biography


Cindy is a lover of life, a lover of Jesus, and a lover of people.  Anyone who knows her well enough, has seen these qualities exude from her.  Thus, her love for ministry! 

Cindy is the Executive Director of C.O.O.L. (Community Outreach Of Love), a nonprofit organization in North Canton, OH that provides a platform for the local church to demonstrate the love of Jesus in practical ways, one neighborhood at a time.

Prior to entering into full-time vocational Christian Ministry, Cindy owned a successful insurance agency and enjoyed officiating high school softball, volleyball and basketball. As she was growing and maturing in her faith at Canton First Friends Church, she served as a youth sponsor and senior high Sunday School teacher.

At an early age, God gave Cindy a heart for missions, and many years later she joined Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Her training in YWAM included a Discipleship Training School (DTS) and School of Evangelism (SOE). Upon completing these schools, Cindy served on staff with YWAM, including involvement with the International Kings Kids Ministry. However, the staff position that most shaped her was Housekeeper for the YWAM Ministry Base offices and missionary homes.  This is where she learned the importance of doing everything as unto the Lord.

In 1999, God led Cindy to start Mission Bridge Ministries, a training and outreach ministry for local churches.  Through Mission Bridge Ministries, Cindy has led short-term teams to Fiji, India and Northern Russia, where the first International Mission Bridge Ministry was started in Murmansk.  But what Cindy loves most is teaching!  Cindy weaves humor and real life stories into each class.  She engages students in thought provoking discussion, thereby challenging them to truly comprehend the importance of their beliefs. She has conducted Mission Bridge Schools and Workshops in Russia, India and many local churches and schools. She has also taught in YWAM Discipleship Training Schools and has been the featured speaker at many YWAM meetings and retreats.

Wherever Cindy goes, people know her!  Her strength is relationships and her "love language" is encouragement.  She is happiest in conversations with her closest friends - telling stories, sharing a meal, or just shooting the breeze.  You will often find her supporting her friends' kids at their various sporting events, or clanging her cowbell at local races - cheering on her favorite runners.  Her talents also include playing percussion on the worship team at church, where her gift of rhythm and love for Jesus pair perfectly!  


Carla Schillero's Biography


Carla joined C.O.O.L. (Community Outreach Of Love) as its very first employee in January 2013.  She brings an administrative gift to the ministry, and her quiet, strong, and contemplative nature is the perfect balance to the people skills that Cindy possesses!  Their ministry partnership has been honed by 20 years of friendship, which actually began when both were involved with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

Carla became a Christian at age 16, and within a couple years, a call to knowing God deeper was stirring in her heart.  This stir led her to YWAM to participate in a Discipleship Training School (DTS).  She continued on staff with YWAM for the next 10 years, eventually becoming the Director of the DTS.  In these years, Carla discovered her gifts, cultivated a heart for missions, and developed as a leader.  She’s led outreach teams to Mexico, Jamaica, Latvia, England, Denmark, India, and all over the United States. 

After leaving YWAM, God brought Carla back to Ohio, the state in which she grew up.  After a series of different jobs, she wound up in North Canton, OH, where she’s joined up with Cindy to serve in the C.O.O.L. ministry.

When Carla isn’t busy at the computer, you’ll probably find her running the streets of North Canton.  She is an avid distance runner and has run many marathons and half-marathons.  She loves the challenge and discipline it takes to accomplish something that pushes her beyond herself.  Her favorite seasons to run are Fall and Winter, and will unashamedly profess that Jesus is her running coach.

Carla is passionately in love with Jesus and finds no greater joy than being with Him and ministering to His heart.  She is often in the place of intercession for others, and longs to see the Body of Christ living wholeheartedly for Him.  Her life verse is Proverbs 4:23 – “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.”  She is an avid dog lover and enjoys reading and having in-depth conversation with close friends.


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