What is C.O.O.L. Day?

C.O.O.L. Day is our annual community outreach project that takes place on the first Saturday of June each year.  It is a unified effort to bestow blessing on a given community and display the love of Jesus through acts of service.  We do this by recruiting local churches, businesses, and government entities to provide support and volunteer their efforts toward this cause. 

When a neighborhood is prayerfully chosen, each participating church recruits leadership that will organize teams to serve at an assigned residence in this neighborhood.  Our service includes various tasks that improve the external appearance and quality of the home, including, but not limited to, porch building and/or repairs, painting, landscaping, cement work, and general clean-up.  This work is completely funded through the donation of the local churches, businesses, and community members.  This selfless expression of service is given freely to the resident, expecting nothing in return. 

The uniqueness of C.O.O.L. Day is the evident spirit of unity within our diversity. We recruit churches from various Christian denominations, with the intent of laying down our doctrinal and cultural differences to unite in service for the good of our own communities.  It is an opportunity for the Body of Christ to utilize the many giftings we have, regardless of age or ability.  C.O.O.L. Day is an amazing day of physical and spiritual transformation that happens in a loving, relational context. 

Planning for C.O.O.L. Day begins in October and follows a concise timeline as we progress towards the big day in June.  The leadership structure is well organized and defined, and every leader joins as a VOLUNTEER.  A Project Leadership Team gives complete oversight to the project, joined by a crew of other teams providing the framework for the many details that go into such an enormous task.  Hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of volunteer workers give of their time, resources, and skills to make C.O.O.L. Day a success each year. 

The C.O.O.L. staff is committed to covering this ministry in prayer and seeking the Lord for His direction as plans unfold and decisions are made.  “Prayer and Intercession” is a core value of the C.O.O.L. organization; we see it as necessary, integral, and foundational to all that is accomplished.  If you are involved with a C.O.O.L. Day project, you can be assured that you are prayed for!


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"Every time we hit the first Saturday in June and the myriads of people pour into the neighborhood with the same color t-shirts to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is a thrill.  We get to see heaven kiss earth and see the power of heaven unleashed in some of the darkest spots of our community.  It is truly a day of eternal light over darkness." 

- Pastor Roger Alber,

First Baptist Church, Massillon